Didi’s place is so much fun! Pups love it here!


We’re a young couple from Brooklyn who has great love for all kinds of animals but especially dogs! Our senior dog Riley has passed away in November 2016. He was such a sweet fellow.
After his passing we decided to travel the States on our motorcycle with his ashes to honor his memory. Now we’re back to care for our friends, better more than ever!

I had worked in doggy daycares and volunteered in no kill shelters in New York for several years. That is how we’ve met Riley. I do have New York State Health Department’s certificate on handling and hygiene of small animals. I also recently started taking courses in canine massage therapy. I just love caring for our furry friends. I think that is my purpose in life and I feel so lucky to be able to do this full time. And I do my best to learn new skills every day.

I have many clients who have become good friends over the years.

Per my voluntary work in shelters for years, I have experience with many different kinds of dogs. I am comfortable in handling different size and energy dogs. They know I love them unconditionally and understand them. These animals, they give you everything and all they ask for is to be loved and cherished which is the most joyful thing on Earth, to love a dog πŸ™‚


I don’t have any breed preferences. I love them all so much! They just need to be doggy friendly as I often have more than one dog at a time.

I would like to know the commands/tricks your dog knows. Knowing his/her daily routine would also help me to give him/her the best care possible.


***PLEASE mention if your pup has any allergies, if on a restricted diet, if can only get certain type of treats etc… If you have a certain way of things with them, like stop and sit before going out the door or wiping paws after a walk… Just let us know and we’ll continue with their routine.


We love spending time with our friends and we live very close to a few dog parks (McGolrick, McCarren, Cooper) so if your pup loves to go to a run, let us know, we’d be more than happy to provide the exercise he/she needs. Rest assured they’ll be enjoying walks few times daily depending on their needs.
I prefer taking them to either McGolrick or Cooper as McCarren tends to get super crowded. We’ll be enjoying the fun neighborhoods of Williamsburg/Greenpoint together.

It’ll be a pleasure for me to spend time with your best friend! I can also be helpful with any special needs (medications, shots, special diet, daily exercise etc…) they may have.

***We have residential AC in our unit that works well for warm summer days. And again residential heating for cold winter nights πŸ™‚

***They are allowed on furniture in our house. They could chill on the couch or sleep on the bed with us. We also have doggy beds. They have many options to choose amongst πŸ™‚
If you want to bring their own bed or blanket… feel free to do so as we have plenty of space.

***We live in a spacious loft and it’s a very doggy friendly environment πŸ™‚ as we architect our living space thinking the comfort and safety of our furry friends first. We make sure they’re happy and comfortable here.

***There’s 24/7 supervision available in our home on week days. Me and my husband, we’re home full-time. If we need to be outside, we usually arrange our things according to one another, making sure one of us is always home with our pals. This is our life and we love it! πŸ™‚ And of course sometimes there are places we need to be together (only on weekends) but we make sure we’re not away from home together more than 2-3 hrs at once. We make sure our pups all have their own space to chill and we have a camera so we can see what they’re up to while we’re away.

***Please make sure to complete your pup’s profile before sending a request. It’ll be great for us to have a little info beforehand. Also please make sure to read my full sitter profile, too. It has all the information you might want to know πŸ™‚

***We require a meet n’ greet before accepting a pup so last minute requests may not always work for us even if we’re available. We believe this is the best way to know if we’re the right fit for your pup and we want to make sure that we are! πŸ™‚

***We also require a trial day with new daycare pups for temperament evaluation and just to see how everything goes. This helps keeping things smooth and more fun! πŸ™‚
(Currently our daycare services are set to repeat clients only, sorry for the inconvenience.)
We try not to host more than 3-4 pups daily, both daycare and boarding merged. We’re often fully booked with our recurring clients and that is the reason most of our services are set to repeat clients only. It is for the pups to have a good amount of space for each one of them.
Thanks for understanding.

***If this is your first time leaving your pup, we recommend a trial night before the actual stay, as well.

***We host puppies under 1 year old but that’s on a case by case basis. They HAVE TO be house-trained as this is a HOME, not a dog boarding facility. Thanks for understanding.

***Drop off and pick up times can be anywhere from 7am to 10pm on week days. Even though we do our best to be as flexible as possible, just per our past experiences, we do not prefer drop offs/pick ups earlier than 9am and later than 6pm on the weekends. Please coordinate with me if your plane is landing (or else) after 6pm on a weekend. If we have anywhere to be on the day of your return, we can discuss other options (You can leave me a key and I could drop off etc…). As Saturdays are the only times we can have a plan every once in a while. Thanks for understanding!

***Please note that if your pick up time is more than 3 hours later than your drop off time, there will be an additional fee for the day. If you drop off your pup at noon on Monday, it’s totally fine to pick up until 3pm, let’s say on Thursday. If you drop off at noon and plan to come later in the evening on your pick up day then there will be an additional daycare fee.

***We do not provide daycare, walks or drop ins on the weekends. Those services are active only on week days. Sorry!! πŸ™

***We provide either a free pick up or a drop off for our daycare pups (if needed) in Williamsburg/Greenpoint area as long as it is less than a 15 minute walk.

***We provide free baths for our pups who stay with us over 7 days. We use hypoallergenic shampoo πŸ™‚

Most importantly we provide lots and lots of snuggles, cuddles, hugs, kisses, playtime and unconditional love for our pals! <3

(If you have a cat, that’s totally cool, too! I can visit your feline friends daily when you’re traveling!)