Didi’s place is so much fun! Pups love it here!

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We’re a young couple from Brooklyn who has great love for all kinds of animals but especially dogs! Our senior dog Riley has passed away last November. He was such a sweet fellow.
After his passing we decided to travel the States on our motorcycle with his ashes to honor his memory. Now we’re back to care for our friends, better more than ever!

I had worked in doggy daycares and volunteered in no kill shelters in New York for several years. That is how we’ve met Riley. I also recently started taking courses in canine massage therapy. I just love caring for our furry friends. I think that is my purpose in life and I feel so lucky to be able to do this full time.

I have many clients who have become good friends over the years. You could get an idea of how we care for our friends from my Rover.com reviews.

Per my voluntary work in shelters for years, I have experience with many different kinds of dogs. I am comfortable in handling different size and energy dogs. They know I love them unconditionally and understand them. These animals, they give you everything and all they ask for is to be loved and cherished which is the most joyful thing on Earth, to love a dog 🙂

We love spending time with our friends and we live very close to a few dog parks (McGolrick, McCarren, Cooper) so if your pup loves to go to a run, let us know, we’d be more than happy to provide the exercise he/she needs. Rest assured they’ll be enjoying walks few times daily depending on their needs.

***We live in a spacious loft and it’s a very doggy friendly environment 🙂  as we architect our living space thinking the comfort and safety of our furry friends first. We make sure they’re happy and comfortable here.

***There’s 24/7 supervision available in our home. Me and my husband, we’re home full-time. If we need to be outside, we usually arrange our things according to one another, making sure one of us is always home with our pals. This is our life and we love it!

***We require a meet n’ greet before accepting a pup so last minute requests may not always work for us even if we’re available. We believe this is the best way to know if we’re the right fit for your pup and we want to make sure that we are! 🙂

***We also require a trial day with new daycare pups for temperament evaluation and just to see how everything goes. This helps keeping things smooth and more fun! 🙂

***We can only accommodate pups who are neutered/spayed. We can host puppies under 1 year old but that would be on a case by case basis. They MUST be house-trained as this is a IN-HOME care not a dog boarding facility. If they are trained to go on a wee pad, that is totally fine.

***The number of pups that we can take daily could not be more than 5 including both daycare and boarding. Let’s say if we have 3 dogs boarding that day, we won’t be able to have more than 2 daycare dogs. We try to balance it out so if we’re not always available, please remember because it is a in-home doggy care and we try to keep things in that order 🙂

***We provide free pick ups/drop offs in Williamsburg/Greenpoint area. We also provide free baths for our pals during stays over 7 days.

If you need to go away and you have a cat, that’s totally cool, too! I can come to your place to spend time with your feline friends daily, as well!

Can’t wait to have lots and lots of fun with your best friend! 🙂