What a good crowd we have today!

These are our pups for today. Frenchie is Dumpling as you may all know šŸ™‚Ā  She comes for daycare every day.

The mutt in the middle is Ellie; she’ll be staying with us untilĀ MondayĀ alongside with the pointy eared beauty Lupa.

The Labradoodle is Jasper and the Poodle is Dazzle. They come for daycare 1-2 times a week. Since they’re always here the same days, they’re really good buds <3

Lucky to have all these good doggies in our crew!!



Outdoor fun at McGolrick Dog Run

Dumpling and Ellie are havingĀ some pure outdoors fun at Mcgolrick Dog Park.


ThoseĀ lil wiggly butts šŸ™‚



Active dogs are happy dogs! Here at Didi’s Place, we’re very much aware of that and we make sure to take them to the park for some off leash timeĀ but of course first checking with the owners to make sure this is part of their routine. Always safety first! I also bring water with me and a clean bowl for my pups! <3



Dumpling’s present for me <3

“Dear Didi,

Thank you for everything you do for me! You mentioned a while ago that a robotic floor cleaner might be helpful in cleaning my dirty paw prints. I hope this helps.

Happy Thanksgiving!



Says Dumpling and makes me cry…

I’m humbled by this love and I will always continue giving them the best care! <3 <3 <3

P.S: I love your dirty paws so much!!!



Big baby Tikko

This is Tikko, a Great Dane living in Brooklyn. He recently stayed with us for 2 weeks and had us totally fall in love with himself. He’s the sweetest giant creature!


Like a big baby, he likes to chew on his blankie and sit on your lap šŸ™‚



He has no idea of his size which makes him so fun watch šŸ™‚


He’s a very friendly and handsome boy whom we loved to spend a few weeks together! We missed him already!!



Happy Thanksgiving!

These are our guests for Thanksgiving dinner; Dazzle, Lucy and Luca šŸ™‚

And just wanted to say; I’m thankful for the opportunity of doing what I love! And for having the most amazing clients, both pups and humans! Thanks for being awesome guys and helping me make this happen!

Also thankful for my hubby who’s always there and for our beautiful life which we built together with love and patience <3